Apprentice Program

The Plumbing Academy has enrolled in the training of young apprentice plumbers (aged 16 – 25). The key advantage of the Academy’s apprenticeship programme is its employment scheme. The Academy conducts all the required paperwork to ensure the apprentice and the employers have a mutually beneficial working relationship. Apprentices get the benefit of on-the-job training, while employers get the benefits of an apprentice without any of the stress or administrative responsibility.

The Plumbing Academy is continuously looking for employers to take on our enthusiastic young apprentices in. Alternatively, if you already have someone working for your company then we may be able to fully or part-fund their training to achieve their qualifications. We have a range of delivery options including part-time, full-time training or a combination of the two.

Employers looking for plumbing apprentices may contact the administrative staff at the Plumbing Academy regarding the program.

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